John Kelly on separating immigrant families at the border: Children will be ‘put into foster care or whatever’

john kellyGetty Images/Win McNamee

  • White House chief of staff John Kelly defended the practice of separating immigrant parents from their children at the border.
  • Kelly said “the children will be taken care of – put into foster care or whatever.”
  • He said the policy will act as a strong deterrent for families seeking to cross the US border illegally.

White House chief of staff John Kelly defended the Trump administration’s new “zero-tolerance” policy toward immigrants who cross the border illegally, telling NPR that separating parents from their children could be a “tough deterrent.”

The new policy has garnered backlash from critics who say that criminally prosecuting 100% of illegal border-crossing cases, as the Trump administration has vowed to do, will require children to be taken away from their detained parents.

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