Launch HN: HealthWiz (YC S17) Navigating health benefits to lower costs

Hi HN – My name is Nate Fox. Along with Nate Maslak (Nate^2), I am one of the cofounders of HealthWiz ( in the current YC batch.

HealthWiz guides employees to convenient and cost-effective healthcare decisions and lowers healthcare costs by eliminating wasted spend. We help users understand what’s wrong and how to get better quickly and cost-effectively.

While lowering costs frequently means taking away benefits, we do the opposite – we bring transparency and information to a messy healthcare system that allows employees to better navigate their benefits, resulting in less wasted spend and a faster return to health.

This is personal for us. When Nate Maslak’s mom needed to find a doctor for joint pain, she went to one physician, then another, then another. Six months and thousands of dollars later, she still wasn’t better and gave up on looking. Nate and I found it ludicrous that despite all the information available to us, healthcare remained opaque and intimidating.

Without HealthWiz, we have to scour the web for (often biased) information for what’s wrong and take our best guess at how to find treatment, only to be shocked by the bill. Our goal is to help you triage your symptoms with AI and access the most convenient ways to get better while knowing the cost in advance.

We’d love to get your feedback on the product (i.e. would you want your employer to offer this?) and look forward to discussing the nitty-gritty of just how we do all this, if people are interested!


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