The Rise of Micro-Influencers: How to Run a Micro-Influencer Campaign

The interest ininfluencer marketing has been growing steadily over the past few years and more people are seeking to understand more about it now than ever before.

Just take a look at this Google Trends chart:

According to eMarketer, 48 percent of marketers decided to increase their budget for influencer marketing in 2017. And only four percent had plans to decrease their budget.

If you’re thinking of running an influencer marketing campaign, it can be a little daunting:

  • How to do I discover the right influencers?
  • What’s the best way to reach out to influencers?
  • What does success look like?

We’d love to help you answer these questions and more

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you run a social media influencer marketing campaign.

How to Run a Successful Micro-Influencer Marketing Campaign in 5 Steps

What are micro-influencers?

In this guide, we’ll focus on only micro-influencers – influencers with a niche engaged following.

A study by Dr. Jonah Berger, author of Contagious, and the Keller Fay Group, defines micro-influencers as:

Individuals who work in their category or are truly knowledgeable, passionate and authentic and are seen as a trusted source when it comes to recommendations for what to buy.

To illustrate how micro-influencer marketing works, here’s an example I found on Instagram where@amandafredericksoncollaborated with Thermomix.

As you can see in the video below, Amanda shares an interesting and fun recipe with her audience and makes it using one of Thermomix’s products:

Amazon faces possible class action lawsuit over defective eclipse glasses

Nasa Goddard eclipse

(Reuters) – Amazon has been hit with a proposed class action lawsuit by a couple who claims defective eclipse glasses purchased through the online retailer damaged their eyes.

In the lawsuit, filed in federal court in South Carolina on Tuesday evening, Corey Payne and his fiance, Kayla Harris, said they purchased a three-pack of eclipse glasses on Amazon in early August, assuming that the glasses would allow them to safely view the United States’ first coast-to-coast total solar eclipse in a century on Aug. 21.

Later that day, Payne and Harris began to experience headaches and eye watering. In the following days, they developed vision impairment, including blurriness and distorted vision, their lawsuit said.

Amazon did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the lawsuit.

The couple said they did not look into the sky without wearing the glasses when they viewed the eclipse.

Starting on August 10, Amazon said it began to email customers to issue a recall of potentially hazardous solar eclipse glasses it was unable to verify as having been manufactured by reputable companies. Amazon did not disclose the scale of the recall or a list of affected vendors.

Payne and Harris said they did not receive notice of the recall. They are seeking to represent other customers who never received a warning from Amazon and suffered similar injuries from the company’s alleged negligence.

Experts cautioned the public to steer clear of unsafe counterfeits flooding the United States in the runup to the event. While no data exists for how many eclipse glasses were in circulation overall, shady distributors of purportedly solar-safe shades abound on the Internet, experts said.

(Reporting by Tina Bellon; Editing by Anthony Lin and Cynthia Osterman)

Robo advisors are gaining popularity with high-net-worth investors

US Investment TypesMyPrivateBanking

The majority of affluent and high-net-worth individuals recognize the potential of robo advisors and automated investment services to add value to their wealth management services.

This is a main finding of MyPrivateBanking’s recent quantitative panel survey reportInvestors’ Attitudes towards robo advisors Evidence from the US and the UK, with insights from 600 affluent and wealthy investors in the US and the UK.

The report analyzes in depth the views and opinions of individual investors with regard to the robo advisor topic. Besides exploring investors’ attitudes towards specific features of online investment platforms, the survey tests brand awareness and the target market’s level of openness towards innovation in this field. In addition to the comprehensive analysis all results are detailed in extensive data appendices.

High-net-worth individuals use online investment tools more than other investors

More than 70% of overall respondents think that such tools can positively influence their wealth manager’s advice and decision-making process and that automated advice potentially speeds up onboarding processes such as registration and account opening, making these processes more efficient and convenient. This underlines how the young and the wealthy are especially showing a great openness, awareness and knowledge about robo advice.

Interestingly, the adoption of automated wealth advice is happening faster in the high-net-worth segment than mass affluent with current usage of online wealth management tools at 43% and 17%, respectively. The report also identifies the major concerns investors have in respect to robo advisors and how the respondents rate the quality of human advice compared to that of robo’s.

UK and US investors are both open to robo advice, but differ in their sensitivity to price

Overall, investors on both sides of the Atlantic show strong similarities in their awareness and openness towards automated / robo advice, which are detailed in the report. Despite the trends both countries have in common, some striking differences were also observed. Among them, this includes the finding that UK investors would pay more for robo (and human-only) advice and in the US, a much higher share of respondents state that they don’t think they will use robo advice tools in the future. The report identifies the price point investors would pay and also the various levels of brand awareness current leading robo advisors have with investors in the US and UK.

Wealth management industry’s future will be in automated advisory services

The report provides clear, empirical evidence on why automated advice and robo services are a significant part of every wealth manager’s future. It shows how automation can enhance client satisfaction throughout the different stages of the advisory process and which channels investors like to use to contact their wealth managers. The report also identifies the most important value-added services investors would like to see in a robo advisor tool and to which target segments automated services appeal most.

This258-page report (48 pages of analysis and commentary plus 210 data chart pages) provides banks, wealth managers, fund managers and robo advisors with the data and analysis they need to make the right decisions on how to best serve affluent and high-net-worth individuals via online investment platforms.

The report tells you all you need to know about the behaviors, attitudes and needs of the wealthy with respect to robo advice in the US and the UK. In addition to exploring investors’ attitudes towards specific features of online investment platforms, the survey tests brand awareness and the level of openness towards innovation in this field.The key findings for each country are presented in the report and assessed for their impact on wealth managers targeting affluent and wealthy US and UK investors.

The report is based on a quantitative panel survey with a total of 600 randomly selected mass affluent, affluent and high-net-worth participantsin the UK and the US(300 from each country).All survey data are detailed in the comprehensive appendix to the report, with individual splits by country and further segmentation by criteria such as wealth (amount of investable assets) and age.

The report provides detailed analysis and data-driven insights into the client’s view of robo advice:

  • Levels of awarenessregarding robo advisors in different wealth segments

  • Usage of robo advisors and online investment platforms by affluent/HNWIs and characteristics of those users

  • Share of assets that affluent/HNWIs are willing to manage with an online investment tool
  • Expectations of affluent/HNWIs on the length and depth of the registration process during on-boarding for an online investment platform

  • Brand awareness of the leading robo advisors in the US and the UK

  • The level of fees affluent/HNWIs would pay as a % of managed assets for automated online advisory tools

  • Main advantages and disadvantages affluent/HNWIs see in robo advice

  • Technical features that online investment platforms should offer

  • Investment tasks which affluent/HNWIs expect an online advisory platform should offer

  • How affluent/HNWIs interact with their advisor and how they feel about future client-advisor communication channels

  • Satisfaction of affluent/HNWIs in seven key services offered by their wealth manager

  • Four comprehensive data appendices (individual splits by country and further segmented by criteria such as Amount of investable assets and age)

>>Click here for Report Summary, Table of Contents, Questionnaire (PDF)<<

Here’s how you get this exclusive robo advisor research:MyPrivateBanking Report SpreadMyPrivateBanking

To provide you with this exclusive report, MyPrivateBanking has partnered with BI Intelligence, Business Insider’s premium research service, to create The Complete Robo Advisor Research Collection.

If you’re involved in the financial services industry at any level, you simply must understand the paradigm shift caused by robo advisors.

Investors frustrated by mediocre investment performance, high wealth manager fees and deceptive sales techniques are signing up for automated investment accounts at a record pace.

And the robo advisor field is evolvingright before our eyes. Firms are figuring out on the fly how to best attract, service and upsell their customers. What lessons are they learning? Who’s doing it best? What threats are traditional wealth managers facing? Where are the opportunities for exponential growth for firms with robo advisor products or models?

The Complete Robo Advisor Research Collection is theONLYresource that answers all of these questions and more. Click here to learn more about everything that’s included in this exclusive research bundle.

The best beach umbrellas you can buy

TheInsider Picksteam writes about stuff we think you’ll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships, so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

beach umbrella 4x3

The Insider Pick:

  • A beach umbrella is essential for keeping you comfortable and protecting you from damaging UVA and UVB sun rays during beach outings. The best beach umbrella for most people is the colorful Tommy Bahama Sand Anchor 7-Foot Beach Umbrellabecause it is easy to carry and set up, plus, it has a helpful tilt function.

When I was growing up, my family would make the hour-long drive to the ocean beach on Long Island each summer. We knew that we had staked out the perfect spot when my mother dropped the oversized towels, kicked off her sandals, and jammed the umbrella into the sand.

Of course, that was often just the beginning of the beach umbrella boondoggle. There were days when the umbrella simply refused to stand. We’d all take turns digging a hole, twisting and turning the umbrella, but still, there were many times when the umbrellas simply flopped over – or worse – took flight and bounced across the beach like a dangerous missile.

In those days, I refused to sit under the umbrella anyway. I didn’t think it was cool, and I was too busy riding waves and catching rays.

Fast forward a few decades. Now, as an adult, I would never spend a day on the beach without an umbrella. The dangers of sun exposure – from skin cancer to premature aging – are well-documented. And besides, it is just much more pleasant to sit on a chair shaded by a sturdy umbrella.

These days, it’s can still be just as hard to get your umbrella to stand up straight for a few hours or a day at the beach. And flying umbrellas can be more than an annoyance. Consumer Reports notes that a Consumer Product Safety Commission database turned up 31 incident reports, which included lacerations and internal organ injuries, from beach umbrellas between 2004 and 2009. A woman in New York even won $200,000 after a runaway beach umbrella at a state park hit her in the head.

So, what are you looking for when shopping for a beach umbrella? You want to find one that is not only sturdy but easy to carry, easy to set up, and offers the right amount of coverage.

According to Umbrellify, here are some things to think about before purchasing a beach umbrella:

  • Where do you plan on using the umbrella? You can also use a beach umbrella away from the sand. For example, you can use one for shade in your backyard when you host parties.
  • What size umbrella do you need?The ideal beach umbrella size depends on the number of people you intend to cover. Typically, most beach umbrellas have a diameter of 5-8 feet. A small 5-foot wide umbrella can cover one to two people beneath it.
  • Is it sturdy and protective?The best beach umbrellas also have good venting, so that they can survive extremely windy situations without turning inside out. Also, when purchasing a beach umbrella, check to see if the pole and fabric are well connected. While not in use, roll up the umbrella and keep it indoors. No matter how good your umbrella is, leaving it outside exposed to the elements will surely decrease its life span.
  • What kind of design are youlooking for?There are a plethora of designs for beach umbrellas, from a simple plain color to a cacophony of different colors and patterns or the ever-popular stripes.

We’ve researched expert and buyer reviews to find the best beach umbrellas you can buy for your next outing. Read on to learn all about our top picks in the following slides.

Althoughthe Tommy Bahama Sand Anchor 7-Foot Beach Umbrella is our top pick, for the reasons laid out in the slides below, you should also consider the Sport-Brella All Weather Umbrella Canopy, the Frankford Steel Commercial Grade Beach Umbrella, the beachBUB All-In-One Beach Umbrella System, and the Coolibar Titanium Beach Umbrella.

The best beach umbrella overall

Tommy Bahama/Facebook

Why you’ll love it: The Tommy Bahama Sand Anchor 7-Foot Beach Umbrella is colorful, easy to set up, light enough to carry, and provides excellent protection from the sun.

Tommy Bahama makes a wide range of products designed to help you celebrate your leisure time in style. This colorful 7-foot umbrella is no exception.

The Tommy Bahama 7-Foot Beach Umbrella is easy to set up. It comes with an integrated corkscrew sand anchor that will have your umbrella standing at attention in less than a minute. A special aluminum undercoating on the heavy polyester fabric offers a 50+ UPF rating – that’s basically 100 percent protection from the sun’s UVA and UVB rays.

The aluminum umbrella pole can be easily adjusted and a special tilt mechanism adds to the umbrella’s versatility. A wind vent, located on the top of the canopy, increases the umbrella’s stability.

The umbrella, which comes with a polyester carrying case, is available in four different color combinations, including a green/blue stripe, apple red, blue/white stripe, and red stripe. A convenient carrying case is also included.

There are more than 700 reviews on Amazon, and they are mostly very positive with an average of 4 out of 5 stars. Amazon buyers highlight the umbrella’s light weight, tilt function, and easy setup. This is Amazon’s best-selling umbrella in the patio umbrella category.

On June 21, 2016, a verified purchaser wrote, I wanted an umbrella that was big enough to fit a few people under with a cooler, yet not too large that it would be a nuisance to carry. This umbrella is perfect for all my needs.

Across the web, professional reviewers, including those at Top Products, Top Best Product Reviews, All Best Top 10, and Wise Bread, recommend the Tommy Bahama 7 Foot Beach Umbrella, too.

Pros: Lightweight, special tilt function, 100% UVA and UVB ray coverage

Cons: Some Amazon users complain that the umbrella is flimsy

Buy the Tommy Bahama Sand Anchor 7 Foot Beach Umbrella on Amazon for $40.78 and up (price varies by color- originally $71.85)

The best beach umbrella that’s also a tent


Why you’ll love it:The lightweight and versatile Sport Brella offers the coverage of an umbrella, with the extra room and coziness of a tent.

Is it a beach umbrella? Or is it a tent? The one-of-a-kind Sport Brella– which measures 8 feet wide when open – is both. It offers portable protection from the elements regardless of whether you are at the beach, a sporting event, or even in the backyard.

Weighing in at 11 pounds, the XL Sport-Brella is lightweight and easy to transport. All parts, including the eight steel ground stakes and three tie-down cords, can be toted in the convenient carry bag. The XL Sport Brella has a 9-foot canopy that is made of 210 D Polyester for all-weather protection. It is supported by thick steel ribs and a thick steel stretcher. The umbrella measures 108 inches.

The water repellant XL Sport Brella has a UPF coating of 50+ that protects users from more than 99.5 percent of UVA and UVB rays. For extra comfort and cross-ventilation, the Sport-Brella also offers top wind vents and side zippered windows.

The Sport-Brella is easy to set up, too. The telescoping pole has a plastic tip that is held in place by a lever. Once open, internal side pockets help you stay organized.

There are more than 1,800 user reviews on Amazon, most are very positive, with an average of four out of five stars. Fans of the Sport-Brella praise its durability, thoughtful design, and the versatility – use it at a wilderness lake or at the beach.

In April 2015, a verified buyer said, There’s nothing like this umbrella. It’s honkin’ huge, converts to a wind screen, has tie-downs for heavy wind, uses venting, and the inner telescoping pole means you can set it for any height level I can’t imagine using a regular beach umbrella again after using this for two years.

Negative reviewers note that the umbrella does not stand up to the wind, with a few adding that the vents don’t work well.

Across the web, professional reviewers, including those at The Sweethome and Top Products, name the Sport-Brella as a top pick.

Pros: Unique design offers combined benefits of a tent and an umbrella, lightweight, easy to set up, roomy

Cons: Some users complain it is flimsy and doesn’t stand up well to the wind

Buy the Portable Sport-Brella XL All-Weather Umbrella at Amazon for $57.43 and up (price varies by color – originally $79.99)

The best high-end beach umbrella


Why you’ll love it:The super sturdy Frankford Steel Commercial Grade Beach Umbrella uses marine-grade fabric and is beloved for its ability to stand up to strong winds.

Do you consider yourself a professional beach bum? Or do you sit on the beach looking longingly at the sturdy umbrellas that water-front hotels and restaurants proudly display? Then you may want to invest in an umbrella that the pros love. Frankford Steel’s super 6.5-footcommercial grade umbrella is designed to last for years.

It’s durably constructed with zinc-plated steel ribs, stainless steel springs, and an attractive, 8-foot ash wood pole. In addition, the extra heavy, marine-grade acrylic fabric – with a 50+ UPF rating – is specially engineered to provide optimal shade.

The Frankford Steel Commercial Grade Beach Umbrella comes with a three-year warranty, and the fabric is guaranteed against fading for five years. A nylon carry bag is included. The umbrella is available in 19 different color combinations, including single colors, stripes, and other designs like the American flag.

There are more than 100 user reviews on Amazon, with an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars. Buyers highlight the umbrella’s unparalleled sturdiness.

On July 23, 2017, Marc C. Szpila noted, This was the best purchase of a beach umbrella. Not only did it shade us well, it held up on an extremely windy day! The rest of my family’s umbrellas were breaking, blowing down the beach, and all but ours had to be put down because of the winds. This umbrella stayed steady! My brother even commented that we will need to put this umbrella in our will! So happy we made this purchase – definitely worth the money!

Across the web, professional reviewers, including those at New York Magazine and Wise Bread, claim that this is one of the sturdiest beach umbrellas money can buy. The magazine also provided a fascinating history of the umbrellas, which was first made for beach concessionaires after World War II before being redesigned for public use a few years ago.

According to that article, the Frankford is the official umbrella for the cities of North Myrtle Beach, Virginia Beach, and Chicago. Keep in mind that Chicago is dubbed the windy city – enough said.

Pros: Incredibly durable, easy to set up, fade resistant

Cons: Expensive

Buy the Frankford Steel Commercial Grade Beach Umbrella at Amazon for $184.90 and up (price varies by color and pattern)

See the rest of the story at Business Insider

Chipotle might start selling queso across the US in just a few weeks – here’s what it’s like (CMG)

Chipotle Test Kitchen 6Hollis Johnson

While for yearsChipotle denied customers’ demands that the chain add queso to the menu, the Tex-Mex chain is nowsinging a different tune.

Queso could be available at Chipotlelocations across the US in just two weeks. In a note to clients on Tuesday, Credit Suisse analystJason West predicted a September 12 national roll-out.

While Chipotle has not yet formally announced a national queso launch date, the chain debutedthe cheesydip in its New York City test kitchen in July. Chipotle began serving queso atroughly 350 restaurants inCalifornia and Colorado in August.

Chipotle didn’t immediately respond to Business Insider’s request for comment, but executives have previously said thatquesocould be added to menus nationally as soon as mid-September.

Business Insider tried the queso at Chipotle’stest kitchen, which also serves other test items, including new salads and margaritas. Here’s what the chain’s all-natural take on the cheesy dip is like.

The test kitchen, called Chipotle Next Kitchen, is on the corner of Sixth Avenue and 13th Street in Manhattan.

Hollis Johnson

Wandering in, you’d think it’s just a run-of-the-mill Chipotle, complete with the standard fast-casual decor and the lunchtime rush.

Hollis Johnson

But, this location was the first in the world to add queso to the menu.

Hollis Johnson

See the rest of the story at Business Insider

Creating Truly Remarkable Marketing and Social Media Content That Lasts Ryan Holiday [SSM058]

How do you create something that lasts in marketing and social media?

Not just for 15 minutes, or even for a year. But for a lifetime.

Today, we as marketers are so focused on what’s next. We create content, ship it, and move onto the next project without even blinking an eye. Is there another way? A way to create perennial sellers?

Best-selling author, Ryan Holiday, has dedicated his life’s work to answering that exact question. He’s studied hundreds of perennial sellers from movies and television to books and marketing campaigns.

What Ryan has found is that creators of great works don’t distinguish between the making and the marketing. The purpose, goals, frameworks, and target audience are in the creator’s mind from the moment that she or he begins the project.

In episode #58 of The Science of Social Media, we sit down with Ryan to explore the current state of marketing and social media content and how short-term thinking only creates short-term results. Ryan dives into how we as marketers and businesses can begin to think strategically about our content and create something that lasts a lifetime or more.

Let’s dive in!

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In this episode, here’s what you’ll learn:

Ryan Holidaytakes us through the proven process that many of the greatest creators in history have used to generate remarkable content that truly lasts. You’ll also learn tons of other insightful things like:

  • How marketers and businesses typically approach content creation
  • Why measuring success based on instant results leads to challenges and discouragement
  • Finding your own blue oceans where this is no competition
  • How taking calculated risks is the only true way to stand out in a sea of content
  • Taking risks, standing out, and doing something that is truly remarkable

Creating Remarkable Marketing and Social Media Content That Lasts

3 strategies for marketers looking to create remarkable content

1. Focus on word of mouth

At the end of the day all successful products are not successful because advertisements or celebrities, they are successful because they are good products and are recommended by other people.

I get emails from people who read my books all of the time saying that they got my book from someone who had sent them a copy. By sending out one free copy to one person, I reached all of their followers. And, if I did my job right, then it will be recommended repeatedly over time.

It’s worth thinking about how this thingthat you made is going to be discovered and then working on marketing that drives that discoverability. It’s very hard to get people to pay for something that they know nothing about. I urge people in their products to ask: How are we bringing our first customers through door?

2. Do something unexpected or surprising

If you stopped your advertising, would anyone notice? They probably wouldn’t.

Most ads are so boring that companies have to pay extra just for people to see them!

The hack or the secret is to not be boring. Do something risky and cool. Say something unique and special. For example, Buffer’s decision to run itself in a transparent way talking transparently about salaries and revenue probably got the company much further than an advertising campaign ever would have.

Do things and take risks. That’s a better way to stand out and get attention online and off. Then the attention will go on for a very long time. Salary transparency is a timeless problem, it will always exist.

3. Find and make room for controversy

I have an expansive definition of controversy.

What you’re doing has to be consistent with who you are and what you believe in.

For example, I wrote a piece a couple of weeks ago on why I don’t think that entrepreneurs should write books. It made some people very mad and other people agreed. But I didn’t become a writer to not say what I think out of fear of hurting people’s feelings.

It’s worth knowing who your audience is and who you’re really speaking to and as long as you’re good with them, that’s what really matters.

A Great Moment

Ryan Holiday on Challenges in Marketing

On the one hand, marketing is very simple. it’s finding where your customers are and giving them things that they want. On the other hand, it’s much harder in practice. a lot of people do what everyone else is doing and they don’t break through the noise.

Ryan Holiday

AwesomeMentions in the Show

Favorite Quotes from Ryan Holiday

  • This idea of ‘if you build it they will come’ ends up meaning that a lot of great content goes undiscovered and to me that’s a shame.
  • I’m always gravitating towards what they call ‘blue oceans’ where there is no competition. Doing things that others have never done before that are going to break through the noise and provide big ROI.
  • There’s no hack to building 1000 true fans. You must develop relationship of trust and reciprocity and you need to provide value over and over again.
  • At the end of the day all successful products are not successful because advertisements or celebrities because they’re good and recommended by other people. What your marketing is designed to do is to acquire those first customers so those customers can tell other customers.
  • If you stopped your advertising, would anyone notice? No they wouldn’t. Most ads are so boring you have to pay extra. Do things and take risks, that’s a better way to stand out and get attention.
  • I have an expansive definition of controversy. What you’re doing has to be consistent with who you are and what you believe in. Example entrepreneurs shouldn’t write books. I didn’t become a writer to not say what I think. It’s worth knowing who your audience is and who you’re speaking to and as long as you’re good with them, that’s what really matters.
  • I’ve written many blog posts and several have turned into books. I don’t remember how many tweets those blog posts got or comments they got.
  • There’s this immediacy bias in what we do in the internet because we have we put something out there and if it doesn’t immediately get a response people might write it off.

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