PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds hero spends whole match hiding in a car

In PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, getting kills isn’t important. The only thing that matters is getting that winner winner chicken dinner notification after you are the last person standing, and one player was able to accomplish that by hiding inside of jeeps through the majority of a match.

YouTube creator and Twitch streamer PenguinOfDeath posted a video of him taking on the quest for chicken in Battlegrounds. It starts with him having some issues with the game’s vehicles. For example, a motorcycle gets shy and tries to run away from him. Eventually, however, Penguin gets the idea to hide inside a jeep for the rest of the match. A few people spot him, but the strategy works a lot better than you would expect.

I won’t spoil what happens to Penguin, but you should watch the video and try to put yourself in the shoes of the last person he sees in the match. You can check out PenguinOfDeath’s A Man and a Car video above.

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