Ask HN: How has Satoshi Nakamoto been so good at opsec all this time?

I don’t understand it. Every other major figure online who people wanted to identify has slipped up at some time or another. Leakers like Edward Snowden? Got identified by the government. People running black market services like Dread Pirate Roberts and the guys behind AlphaBay? Identified by law enforcement. Hoaxers in the media world like JT LeRoy and the guy behind the blog ‘A Gay Girl in Damascus’ got identified by the public or press.

Same goes for everything from famous authors with pen names and infamous internet personalities like violentacrez from Reddit.

So how has Satoshi Nakamoto avoided all this? Has he really never made a single mistake that could give away his identity? Is he some super expert at keeping his identity secret compared to the thousands of others who’ve tried and been exposed.

How has Satoshi avoided having his name and personal details revealed online?


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