127 Time-Saving Keyboard Shortcuts for Social Media Marketers

I used to think the few seconds I save by using keyboard shortcuts are not useful. I mean, what can I do with those few seconds?

A lot, it seems

A few seconds here and there can add up. And according to Brainscape, you can save up to eight workdays per year! Just by using shortcuts-enough time for a long vacation.

Being a social media marketer, you spend a lot of time on the various social media platforms and your favorite social media tools. Often repeating the same actions: Like, reply, and more.

Let’s help you save your eight precious days every year with these social media keyboard shortcuts.

Social Media Keyboard Shortcuts

Top Social Media Keyboard Shortcuts toSave You Time

Here’re all the social media platforms and tools we’ll cover in this blog post. Click on the respective bullet point to jump to the platform or tool you’re interested in:

Social media platforms


One Keyboard Shortcut to Rule Them All

I struggle to remember all the keyboard shortcuts since different platforms and tools tend to have different keyboard shortcuts (even for similar actions such as Liking a post).

Fortunately, many platforms and tools have a keyboard shortcut to show all the keyboard shortcuts! If there’s one to remember, this is it.

? or Shift + /

The one keyboard shortcut to remember

Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts

Facebook keyboard shortcuts differ by computer operating system and by browser:

  • Chrome for PC: Alt + #
  • Firefox for PC: Shift + Alt + #
  • Internet Explorer for PC: Alt + #, then Enter
  • Chrome, Safari, and Firefox for Mac: Ctrl + Opt + #

Replace # with the following numbers to access the respective features or pages on Facebook. For example, Alt + 1 will bring you to your Facebook home page on Chrome on a PC.

0 Help

1 Home

2 Timeline

3 Friends

4 Inbox

5 Notifications

6 Settings

7 Activity Log

8 About

9 Terms

Here’re a few more keyboard shortcuts for actions you might regularly take:

j or k Scroll down or up between News Feed stories

Enter See more of the selected story

p Post a new status

l Like or unlike the selected story

c Comment on the selected story

s Share the selected story

o Open the link or expand the photo from the selected story

/ Search

To see the full list of keyboard shortcuts, type ? on any Facebook page.

Facebook keyboard shortcuts

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Messenger Keyboard Shortcuts

Increasingly, more businesses are using Messenger to provide social customer support. Being able to speed up your workflow allows you to reply your customers faster. The only keyboard shortcut for Messenger seems to this:

Opt + Up arrow or Down arrow / Alt + Up arrow or Down arrow Jump to the conversation above or below

If you want to enhance your Messenger workflow, Allen Guo has developed a Chrome extension and a Firefox add-on, which adds several useful keyboard shortcuts to the Messenger web app (i.e. messenger.com).

Here’re two handy ones to know:

Opt + Shift + (number) / Alt + Shift + (number) Jump to the X-th conversation from the top (e.g. Opt + Shift + 3 brings you to the third conversation from the top)

Opt + Shift + q / Alt + Shift + q Search

Messenger keyboard shortcuts

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Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts

Hop to different Twitter pages with these keyboard shortcuts:

g + h Home

g + n Notifications

g + r Mentions

g + p Profile

g + l Likes

g + i Lists

g + m Messages

g + s Settings

g + u Go to user

Here’re a few more keyboard shortcuts for actions you might regularly take:

n Newtweets

Cmd + Enter / Ctrl + Enter Sendtweets

j or k Next or previous tweet

l Like

r Reply

t Retweet

m Direct message

Enter Open tweet details

o Expand photo

/ Search

To see the full list of keyboard shortcuts, type ? on any Twitter page.

Twitter keyboard shortcuts

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LinkedIn Keyboard Shortcuts

It seems that LinkedIn does not have keyboard shortcuts for navigation and actions. But here’re two browser shortcuts you can use when commenting on a post:

Tab + Enter Add an image

Tab + Tab + Enter Post your comment

Do you know of any other handy LinkedIn keyboard shortcuts? Share them in the comments. <img src="http://s.w.org/images/core/emoji/2.2.1/72×72/1f642.png&quot; alt="


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