Here are all of the new games coming to the Nintendo Switch


On Monday, Nintendo announced a slew of new games coming to its Switch console.

Many of the games Nintendo has planned will revive classic franchiseslike Pokmon and Metroid. Others aresequels to newer games.

Release dates have also been given for two highly-anticipated Switch titles: the upcoming “Super Mario Odyssey” and the first downloadable expansion to “The Legend of Zelda: Breadth of the Wild.”

Here are all of the new games that we know are coming to the Nintendo Switch:

To kick things off, Nintendo showed a trailer for “Xenoblade Chronicles 2,” the sequel to the original game that was released for the Wii U. This next installment will be released for the 2017 holiday season.


An entirely new Kirby game is coming to the Switch in 2018. It looks like there will be lots of fun co-op playing opportunities with this one.


Nintendo surprised everyone by teasing “Metroid Prime 4,” the first update to the beloved series in 10 years. Details are scarce, but we can’t wait for this new installment.


See the rest of the story at Business Insider


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