Show HN: My RIP Goodbye to my Co-Founder Carlos Icaza (Corona,Lanica)

Carlos Icaza was my co-founder at Lanica (an Appcelerator backed company). He passed away this summer unexpectedly. I wasn’t able to find the right words to say at the time. But since we spent so much in code, I decided I should code something in his memory instead.

Carlos was also the co-founder of the Corona SDK, and was also a lead/manager for Adobe Illustrator and Macromedia Flash before that. He also ran @codinginswift on Twitter with over 18,000 followers.

I finally finished my tribute and debuted it at the try! Swift conference in Tokyo last month at the end of my Swift on Android talk. That whole talk has just been publicly posted, but I wanted to make it more accessible so I’ve uploaded just the demo part to YouTube. (It also contains some fixes and improvements since the conference.)

Dance of the Fairies

It’s also inspired by an old Sierra On-Line game series, Quest for Glory. I wrote more about both Carlos and the demo on my blog.…

Thank you for reading/watching


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