The mess left behind by Messages

We all send and receive lots of text messages. Some are iMessages, some are SMSs, but everyone uses them. I use text messages to stay in touch with friends and family, to chat with clients and editors, and more. My doctor and dentist send me text messages to remind me of appointments. Amazon, Apple, eBay and others send me text messages letting me know when packages have shipped, and when they have been delivered. And I get text messages from a number of services where I use two-factor authentication to receive 6-digit codes I need to log into my accounts.

It’s convenient that I can see all my text messages on all my devices, thanks to my iCloud account. I can get a text message on my iPhone and see it on my iPad, my iPod touch, or on either of my Macs. For example, it may be useful to see that Amazon text message thread-the one telling me that a package was shipped; then telling me that a package will be delivered today; then telling me that the package was delivered-on every single device. If I don’t have my phone handy, and I’m using my iPad or I’m working on my Mac, I can see a text message, and reply if I need to.

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