Bot evangelist Chris Messina leaves Uber

Chris Messina at MobileBeat 2016.

Uber Developer Experience Lead Chris Messina announced Friday that he has left the ride-sharing company.

Messina is known as the creator of the hashtag, and for accurately declaring 2016 the year of conversational commerce.

While at Uber, Messina was a champion of chatbots and the Uber developer platform to promote Uber API integrations.

He also spoke at tech gatherings like MobileBeat and most recently at the Slush conference for startups in Northern Europe.

Today you can get an Uber ride with Alexa, Google Assistant, or with Facebook Messenger.

“Entering 2017, I’m hopeful – even with all the shit going on in the world and with the American political climate,” Messina said in a Medium post Friday. “There’s no shortage of good work to be done, and so what’s next for me is to take a beat and reflect on the next, best, most satisfying and most impactful thing I can do with my life.”

In addition to bringing bots to Uber, Messina is a big supporter of the burgeoning bot ecosystem.

He is one of 10 moderators of the Bots Facebook group, a prominent place for the meeting of developers, investors, and startups interested in bots. Other moderators include leaders from Slack, Chatfuel, and various bot startup founders.

His activity on Product Hunt is also prolific. Being recommended or hunted by Messina on Product Hunt is a badge of honor among bot startups who are trying to break through the noise and get discovered.

Want to stay up to date with the latest from Messina? Chat with MessinaBot, his Facebook Messenger bot that made its debut last summer. MessinaBot was made by Esther Crawford and her company OlaBot.


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