Should GitHub Implement a Downvote/Flag System?

I propose that GitHub introduces a feature that lets users either down vote, or flag a repo.

The reason is because there’s many repos that exist that are no longer maintained but this isn’t made known to the user viewing the repo.

This a problem for high starred repos that are linked from other places on the web and continue to get traffic, and clones.

It’s not always possible to see if a repo is no longer maintained by looking at things like last commit, or issues. This doesn’t indicate a repo is no longer maintained or neglected. There’s also a demographic that consume repos but don’t necessary understand much about GitHub, or how it works (I’ve worked with them!).

This is a problem for user who clone and invest any amount of time into using something they don’t know is no longer maintained.

For example, I had to submit a pull request on the Compass CSS framework to make users known it was depreciated. It wasn’t listed anywhere on the repo, and was still being used. Issues were still being fired but left most unanswered at the time.

I’m not sure how this could be implemented to avoid competition abuse. But i feel it’s something GitHub should consider.

What do you think?


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