Enigmail 2.0 to automatically encrypt e-mails

It’s four days ago the pEp-Development branch was merged into the master source code repository of Enigmail, meaning the pretty Easy privacy (p≡p) technology is now at Enigmail’s core to encrypt e-mails:


In fact, for novice users (or such without OpenPGP setup), the new p≡p scheme will be used (as “junior mode”) to automatically create keys and distribute them to the communication partners: https://twitter.com/pEpCouncil/status/792233350463447040

p≡p has a broad, cross-platform approach as how to automatically encrypt all “written digital communications”.

Furtherly, its technologic core (p≡p engine) underwent a code audit: https://pep.foundation/blog/press-release–pep-releases-first-code-audit-of-the-pep-engine/index.html

A beta of Enigmail/p≡p will be launched at Mozilla Festival in London, this Sun: https://twitter.com/pEpCouncil/status/791575091343687680

Good video talks explaining what p≡p actually is, were given at the GNU Hacker Meeting (GHM) in Rennes, France:



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