AMA with Jennifer Wong, VP of Marketing at TUNE

I grew up in an entrepreneurial world and developed a love of marketing and technology through an always on, always connected lifestyle.

Today, I’m the Vice President of Marketing at TUNE, a mobile marketing technology company whose products are used by marketers responsive for driving results for the most successful mobile apps. A few of our customers include Supercell, LINE, DraftKings, Sony, Nickelodeon, Staples, eBay, Zillow, Expedia, and Starz.

I’ve been at TUNE for three and a half years. During that time TUNE has raised $34 million from premier venture capital firms Accel Partners and Icon Ventures, launched six international offices, made three strategic acquisitions, seen a 714% increase in revenue growth, ending 2015 with $60.4M in annual revenue.

As TUNE’s marketing executive, I lead Marketing which includes: corporate messaging, public relations, media, creative, analytics, demand gen, content, product marketing, and events. Right now I’m focused on expanding TUNE’s global presence and investing in my team of passionate, fearless and knowledge-seeking marketers.

High on my todo list this year is to get more involved in TUNE’s philanthropic programs. These include TUNE Cares, which supports education, the environment and diversity, and TUNE House, a University of Washington scholarship program that provides free housing, professional mentors and resources to support female students likely to pursue software development careers.

I love what I do and often spend most of my time wrapped up in marketing even outside the office whether it’s reading new business/marketing/strategy/leadership books, downloading the latest apps, snapchatting crazy marketing ideas or screenshotting eye-catching ads. During Winter Quarter, I’m an instructor in the at the University of Washington for the Marketing Certificate program. I put together a curriculum to teach students how to develop the skills for success as a marketer in a mobile-first world.

I’m pretty easy to find online if you want to connect with me. Search for ‘Jenerationy’ on all your favorite social networks. 

Looking forward to all your questions whether it’s about marketing, tech, mobile, startup life, leadership, travel, or something else. Let’s make this interesting. 🙂

I will be live on September 20 starting 930 AM PT for one and a half hours during which I will answer as many questions as possible.


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