Everyone Can Now Create Twitter Moments: Here’s All You Need to Know

The ability to create Twitter Moments is being rolled out to all users.

Twitter Moments enable users to stitch together multiple tweets into slideshow-like stories. When they originally launched, Moments were intended to help Twitter users keep up with what the world is talking about at any given time without having to follow loads of new people or watch trending topics closely.

The below video from Twitter explains a little more about how Moments work:


Moments were first released in October 2015, with Twitter and selected partners able to curate stories on a range of topics, including News, Sports, and Entertainment. Then, in August 2016, Twitter opened Moments up to a broader group of influencers and creators, before beginning the public roll-out of the feature on September 28th.

By extending this creative format to everyone, Twitter says they’re “giving people a new and dynamic way to tell their stories.”

Moments have already been used by a wide range of brands, individuals, and groups. VaynerMedia are one of the agencies who were invited to experiment with Moments in August and their Chief Creative Officer, Steve Babcock, explained:

We’re excited about the new ability to make Moments because it provides our brand partners with a great opportunity to seamlessly integrate into how real-time culture is being consumed today.

Civil Rights Activist, DeRay Mckesson, has also found Moments to be a compelling way to share a story:

Moments allows us to collect and curate Tweets to tell stories in new ways. It’s a powerful Twitter feature, continuing to help build community as we engage specific topics and events.

How to create your own Twitter Moment in 4 quick steps

1. Head to the Moments tab on your Twitter profile

To create your own Moment, you’ll have to click into the new “Moments” tab on your profile.


Currently, Moments can only be created on Twitter’s desktop site (though it should be coming to mobile soon).

2. Click ‘Create new Moment’

Next, you’ll see the option to create a Moment in the right hand column of the page:


3. Add your title, description, and cover

The Moment creator tool then lets you add a title, description, and cover to your Moment. Twitter recommends keeping your title short, but descriptive and says your description should give users “a taste of what to expect in your Moment.”

You can choose a cover using photos or videos from tweets, or by uploading an image of your choice:


Here’s how your title, description, and cover will be displayed on mobile:


And on desktop:


4. Pull in your content and publish

Now, it’s time to start adding content to your Moment. And there are a variety of ways you can add tweets:

  • You can choose from tweets you’ve liked (or favorited)
  • Pick tweets from specific accounts
  • Find tweets via a Twitter search
  • Add tweets directly using the tweet’s link.

Once you’re happy with the tweets in your Moment and the story you’re telling, it’s time to hit publish and share your Moment with the world.

How many tweets should you include in a Moment?

Twitter’s recommendation is to keep Moments around 10 tweets long. And the company also advises to include a mix of photos, videos, GIFs and Vines to keep your viewers engaged.

You can check out more in Twitter’s own ‘how-to’ guide Moment.

Viewing and sharing Moments

Once a you’ve created a Moment you can share it on your Twitter for all of your followers to see. Here’s an example of how a Moment looks when it’s shared within a tweet:

16 Social Media Podcasts to Take Your Marketing Skills to the Next Level Today

What should you do if you want to become the best at what you do?

There’s probably a long list, with lots of options. One thing we’re particularly fond of at Buffer when it comes to improving ourselves is listening to podcasts relevant to our niche and industry.

In our case, that means social media podcasts!

What we love about podcasts is that they make it easy to hear from industry leaders and talented folks about their experiences and advice (which we might not be able to read about anywhere else). There are so many of these voices in the marketing space that have been influential for me and the team!

So the big question is: Where to start? Which podcasts should I try? What episodes should I listen to?

I have the same questions in mind whenever I find the time to listen to podcasts. Rather than spending your podcast time finding a podcast episode to listen to, I’d love to help you skip that step and go straight to listening. Here’s a list of 16 top marketing podcasts, covering 3 areas of social media marketing, with some top episodes from each podcast to check out!


To make it easier to find the parts of this post that are most helpful, here’s a look at all we’ll cover. Click to jump to any section:

10 of the Very Best Social Media Marketing Podcasts

1. The Science of Social Media by Buffer


A podcast to inspire marketers everywhere. This is our newly-launched social media podcast for marketers and brands interested in learning about new and exciting ways to implement social media marketing across a variety of platforms and industries. Every week, Hailley Griffis, Brian Peters, and Kevan Lee interview some of the best best marketers around.

Hosts: Kevan Lee (Director of Marketing, Buffer), Hailley Griffis (Press Crafter, Buffer) and Brian Peters (Social Media Manager, Buffer)

Format: Interviews

Duration: About 30 minutes

Recent episodes you might like:

2. Social Pros by Jay Baer


Real people doing real work in social media. Social Pros, recently named the best marketing podcast at the Content Marketing Awards, dives into the inside stories and behind-the-scenes strategies of how huge companies and brands like Ford, Dell, IBM, ESPN and more manage and measure their social media programs.

Hosts: Jay Baer (President of Convince & Convert) and Adam Brown (Executive Strategist at Salesforce)

Format: Interviews (with its The Big Two questions at the end: 1. What’s your one tip for becoming a social pro? and 2. If you could do a Skype call with any living person, who would it be?)

Duration: Ranges from 30–60 minutes

Recent episodes you might like:

3. Social Media Marketing with Michael Stelzner of Social Media Examiner


In his weekly podcast, Michael Stelzner interviews social media experts to find out how successful businesses run their social media and uncover strategies and actionable tips to improve one’s social media marketing.

For each episode, there’s a very detailed blog post about the content of the interview so that you don’t have to take notes while listening.

Hosts: Michael Stelzner (Founder of Social Media Examiner and the Social Media Marketing World conference)

Format: Interviews (with a quick social media discovery of the week at the start)

Duration: 45 minutes

Recent episodes you might like:

4. The #AskGaryVee Show by Gary Vaynerchuk


For each episode of #AskGaryVee, Gary Vaynerchuk answers a question from his audience about marketing, social media, entrepreneurship, and startups based on his lifetime experience of building successful, multi-million dollar companies. If you tweet him your question with #AskGaryVee, you might get on the show!

The show originally started as YouTube videos only, and Gary turned them into podcasts too so that his audience can listen to them on the go. If you usually listen to podcasts on your computer or prefer to watch the video, you might find the #AskGaryVee Search Engine useful!

Hosts: Gary Vaynerchuk (CEO of Vayner Media and co-founder of Vayner Sports)

Format: 1–2 questions from his audience and answers from Gary

Duration: Ranges from 15 to 45 minutes

Recent episodes you might like:

5. Social Media Social Hour by Tyler Anderson


This is a podcast for marketers and entrepreneurs looking to get on the social media fast track. Each week, Tyler Anderson interviews people behind top brands and influencers to discuss social media, tech, and online marketing. Tyler also shares tools and processes he personally uses (like Focus Booster) to help him with social media management, marketing, productivity, and more.

Hosts: Tyler Anderson (Founder and CEO at Casual Fridays)

Format: Interviews

Duration: Ranges from 20 to 50 minutes

Recent episodes you might like:

6. Online Marketing Made Easy by Amy Porterfield


In her podcast, Amy Porterfield shares how to monetize your online marketing and blogging efforts using her own tested, actionable lead-generation strategies. Amy creates educational content on social media marketing, freelancing, and several other areas of online marketing and even shares free cheatsheets and guides so that you can follow along while listening to the podcast. Sometimes, she’s joined by a Facebook ad expert, Rick Mulready, to discuss all about Facebook ads.

Hosts: Amy Porterfield (Social media strategist and co-author of Facebook Marketing All-In-One for Dummies)

Format: Mix between interviews and education content on Facebook ads, online marketing and blogging

Duration: Ranges from 30 to 50 minutes

Recent episodes you might like:

7. Social Zoom Factor with Pam Moore


With 100,000 downloads per month, Social Zoom Factor is one of the mos tpopular marketing podcasts. The show is hosted by Pam Moore of Marketing Nutz, a company with clients like IBM and Adobe. Pam covers topics such as social media, experiential branding, digital marketing, and more.

If you are an auditory learner and prefer listening versus reading blog posts, this might be the podcast for you!

Hosts: Pam Moore (CEO and Founder, Marketing Nutz)

Format: Educational content on social media strategies

Duration: About 30 minutes

Recent episodes you might like:

8. #TwitterSmarter by Madalyn Sklar


In this podcast dedicated to Twitter, Madalyn Sklar interviews amazing movers and shakers in the world of social media and online marketing to discover the best Twitter insights, information, and resources.

If you are into Twitter chats, Madalyn also hosts a weekly #TwitterSmarter chat – a Twitter chat to connect, learn, and share Twitter tips – every Thursday at 1:00 p.m. ET/10:00 a.m. PT.

Hosts: Madalyn Sklar (Twitter marketing strategist)

Format: Interviews

Duration: Ranges from 10 to 30 minutes

Recent episodes you might like:

9. Hashtagged by Jordan Powers


Hashtagged is a podcast all about Instagram. In each episode, Jordan Powers interviews a member of the Instagram community to uncover insights to growing a following, building a community, and making an impact.

Hosts: Jordan Powers (Photographer and co-founder of Made in Mankato, a video production company)

Format: Interviews

Duration: Ranges from 30 to 60 minutes

Recent episodes you might like:

10. Manly Pinterest Tips with Jeff Sieh


In this podcast mainly for everything about Pinterest, Jeff Sieh explores best practices, strategies, and demonstrations with several Power Pinners. Once in a while, Jeff will cover other social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram too.

Hosts: Jeff Sieh (Social media consultant and speaker)

Format: Interviews and answering questions from the community during the interviews

Duration: Ranges from 40 to 60 minutes

Recent episodes you might like:

1. The Art of Paid Traffic by Rick Mulready


In The Art of Paid Traffic, Rick Mulready reveals the best paid traffic tips, tactics, and strategies for generating leads and sales on autopilot for your business. Together with expert guests such as Massimo Chieruzzi, founder & CEO of AdEspresso, Rick dives into Facebook ads, YouTube ads, Twitter ads, Google Adwords, retargeting, and more.

Hosts: Rick Mulready (Expert in Facebook ads and marketing strategies for small businesses)

Format: Mix of interviews, case studies, and educational content

Duration: Ranges from 20 to 50 minutes

Recent episodes you might like:

2. Perpetual Traffic by Keith Krance, Molly Pittman, and Ralph Burns


Perpetual Traffic podcast covers actionable strategies mainly for advertising on Facebook, with occasional mentions of YouTube, Twitter, Google AdWords, LinkedIn, and more. Keith, Molly and Ralph interview business owners on how they overcame struggles with digital marketing and online advertising.

Hosts: Keith Krance (Founder and president of Dominate Web Media), Molly Pittman (Vice President and Traffic Manager, Digital Marketer), and Ralph Burns (Managing Partner at Dominate Web Media)

Format: Educational content and interviews

Duration: Ranges from 20 to 40 minutes

Recent episodes you might like:

3. Social Media Pubcast with Jon Loomer


In each episode of Social Media Pubcast, Jon Loomer invites an industry expert to his virtual pub to discuss Facebook marketing and advertising over a beer. Jon also records audio versions of his blog posts for people who want to listen on the go.

Jon manages an exclusive community for advanced Facebook marketers, Power Hitters Club, which I thought is pretty awesome (says the Community Champion in me)!

Hosts: Jon Loomer (Founder of Jon Loomer, For Advanced Facebook Marketers)

Format: Pubcasts with guests and audio version of blog posts

Duration: About 40 minutes for pubcasts and 10 minutes for audio recordings of blog posts

Recent episodes you might like:

Community Building & Customer Support

At Buffer, the distinction between marketing and community is very blurry. In fact, we believe they belong together! An example is how our awesome social media manager, Brian Peters, has built an engaging community on Instagram.

Here are two podcasts with a strong community focus, plus a bonus third podcast with ties into customer support (a really great skill for social media marketers to have).

1. The FeverBee Podcast by FeverBee



While this show has stopped for a while now, the archive is a treasure trove of information! The podcast covers the latest in community management, social science, and FeverBee news. In each episode, a community manager or social media manager of a well-known brand joins the show to share their knowledge.

Hosts: Caty Kobe (previously Head of Training, FeverBee)

Format: Interviews

Duration: About 30 minutes

Recent episodes you might like:

2. Community Signal by Patrick O’Keefe


Community Signal is a weekly podcast for community professionals, which is very community-focused. Patrick O’Keefe believes that social media is a set of tools for building a community and while “marketing brings new customers, community helps you keep them.”

Hosts: Patrick O’Keefe (Managed communities for more than 16 years)

Format: Interviews

Duration: About 30 minutes

Recent episodes you might like:

3. Support Ops by Chase Clemons


I believe it’s quite common for social media managers to receive support requests on their social channel. If that’s the case for you and if you are wondering how to get better at that, Support Ops might be just for you! This weekly podcast aims to help you deliver a better support experience to your customers.

Hosts and team: Chase Clemons (Support, Basecamp), Carolyn Kopprasch (Chief Happiness Officer, Buffer), Chase Livingston (Happiness Engineer, Automattic), and Jeff Vincent (Product, Wista)

Format: Discussions on customer support among the team, sometimes with guests

Duration: About 30 minutes

Recent episodes you might like:

Over to you

I’m sure I might have missed out several great social media podcasts in my research. I’d love to hear from you about the podcasts you listen to!

Up for sharing your top 1–3 favorite podcasts and why you love them in the comments below? <img src="http://s.w.org/images/core/emoji/2/72×72/1f603.png&quot; alt="

A Playbook for Becoming a Thought Leader on Social Media [SSM006]

The path to becoming a thought leader on social media is one that is not always clearly defined. Thought leaders and influencers come from a wide variety of backgrounds, specialties, industries and expertise.

And in many cases, social media thought leaders don’t consciously seek to become an “influencer,” it happens naturally over time with lots of hard work and dedication.

But what if there was a way to position yourself to become a thought leader in your industry?

We’d love to share some tips on how that may be possible.

Brian Fanzo – a “proud, pager-wearing Millennial” and change evangelist – is a shining example of the power of strategic positioning and dedication to quality content over time. Brian’s #ThinkLikeAFan philosophy has powered storytelling campaigns for Fortune 50 enterprise companies and he is slated for more than 40 keynotes in 10 different countries in 2016.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Brian about his journey to becoming a thought leader on social media and just how powerful carving out a niche based on your personal strengths can be.

A huge thank you to Brian for packing this episode with incredible wisdom and takeaways for social media managers and marketers looking for actionable ways to build a community and become a thought leader in the digital space.

How to listen: iTunes | Google Play | SoundCloud | Stitcher | RSS

This episode is available on:

In this episode, here’s what you’ll learn:

Brian Fanzo takes us through his personal story of how he got to where he is today and how other professionals may be able to develop themselves as an influencer and thought leader on social media. Plus, some more of the great things you’ll learn:

  • How to find an authentic social media strategy that works best for you
  • The 3 types of social media influencers and how trust and engagement is built over time
  • Developing yourself as a thought leader and influencer in the digital space
  • Identifying opportunities in social media based on your passions and expertise
  • The importance of developing a consistent and compelling story to share
  • Why video is the “great equalizer” for people looking to share knowledge in the field

3 Takeaways on Becoming a Thought Leader on Social Media from Brian

In Brian’s words…

1. Discover your story

Ask you best friend and your ‘worst enemy’ what it is about you that they think you do, what they think your strengths are and what they think you weaknesses are. And if you start with those swim lanes you get both sides of the extremes. Then begin to start figure out where that fits into what you’re sharing and what you love talking about.

2. Finding your perfect home for conversations

Finding the area that’s easiest for you. The area that fits in your swim lane – where you prefer to have these conversations. Start there. I’m not a big fan of starting on the hardest thing first. If I start with something that is difficult for me, then I may never get there. Start out where you’re comfortable sharing and that will help you to not get discouraged.

3. Know what you don’t know

Surround yourself with people that know what you don’t know. So the caveat to that is first you must know what you don’t know. Once I understood what I didn’t know, what I’m not good at, that allowed me to surround myself with people that understood those things.

Mentionable Quotes and Shareable Snippets

Brian Fanzo interview, the science of social media, podcast, becoming a thought leader on social media

“The most popular question I get, other than ‘why do you talk so fast?’ is ‘how much should I share or what should I share?’ And I have a pretty easy saying for that – Nobody will ever say that you’re sharing too much value, that you’re providing too much value, or that you care too much.”

Show Notes and Other Memorable Moments

Thanks a million for checking out this episode! Below are the websites and other tidbits that were mentioned in today’s podcast about personal branding on social media. If you have any questions for us, feel free to drop us a line in the comments and we’ll respond right away!

Brian’s Online Website & Resources

Great Quotes

  • Being an influencer isn’t about having the loudest microphone, it’s about having the microphone that inspires action.”
  • “I’m not afraid to say, ‘I don’t know.’
  • “Personal branding is storytelling. In the digital space, your first impression, your first handshake, the first conversation, or the first understanding someone has of you is way before they ever meet you online… Consistency on what your story is is super important. How much time are you willing to invest?”
  • “My parents, always since day one, have instilled in my brothers and I that the value that you have is what everyone else can’t do or can’t be, and that’s being yourself. And so what that came down to was ‘I’m going to tell my story everywhere and anywhere.’
  • “Screenshot awesomeness – You take a picture with your phone or a screenshot with your computer when all of the little good things happen along the way on social media. I put those into a folder on my desktop and it’s called the ‘portfolio of awesomeness’.
  • “Google was the 27th search engine. There were 26th other search engines that came before Google. So just because we’re on the 10th or 11th live video platform, if you build a community you can move and pivot and your community will follow you.”

How to Say Hello to Brian (and us)

Brian is super active on Twitter at @iSocialFanz and also is a shining example of a how to showcase your brand at www.isocialfanz.com.

Thanks for listening! We’d love to connect with you at @buffer on Twitter or with the hashtag #bufferpodcast.

Enjoy the show? It’d mean the world to us if you’d be up for giving us a rating and review on iTunes!

About the Show

The Science of Social Media is a podcast for marketers and social media managers looking for inspiration, ideas, and results for their social media strategies. Each week, we interview one of the very best in social media marketing from brands in every industry. You will learn the latest tactics on social media, the best tools to use, the smartest workflows, and the best goal-setting advice. It is our hope that each episode you’ll find one or two gems to use with your social media marketing!

The Science of Social Media is proudly made by the Buffer team. Feel free to get in touch with us for any thoughts, ideas, or feedback.

The True Meaning Of “Macarena” Will Horrify Every ’90s Kid

A not-so-innocent tale of infidelity, polyamory, and betrayal.

In the summer of 1996, no one could avoid “Macarena” by the pop and dance duo Los del Rio.

RCA Records

The song was catchy. The dance was downright infectious. But did you ever actually listen to the lyrics?

The song was catchy. The dance was downright infectious. But did you ever actually listen to the lyrics?

RCA Records

It begins in the first verse, right after the lyrics “When I dance they call me Macarena, and the boys they say ‘que estoy buena’…”

Macarena is a siren, enticing young men to come and dance with her. If they can manage to curry her favor, she may even take them home with her. So far, nothing too unusual, right? Just a woman out on the town.

RCA Records / BuzzFeed

But then things get a little more explicit in the second verse:

But then things get a little more explicit in the second verse:

…then the singer laughs a sinister, horrifying laugh. What comes next is anyone’s guess? (SEX???!!! INFIDELITY???!!!) In any event, we now know that Macarena has a boyfriend and makes no secret of playing around on the side.

RCA Records / BuzzFeed

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