126 Thoughts We Had In Season 7, Episode 9 Of “Pretty Little Liars”

First voicemails, and now a fax?


1. What is Hanna up to?

2. Ahh I see we’re still on the “Noel is A.D.” path.

3. Have these girls ever thought of packing up and moving to Australia or something, instead of enduring all this shit?

4. I still find this Hanna/Lucas nonsense so funny. Lucas hasn’t been on the show for most of the season, but Hanna’s still meant to be in some sort of business with him?

5. Omg she’s recording some weird video.

6. What is she up to though? Who knew she was this sneaky/intelligent?

7. So Hanna is waiting until AFTER something goes potentially wrong to give any evidence to the police.

8. Cool, makes sense. Only took seven fucking years for her to want to involve the cops.

9. Ahh yes, “people searching” Noel Kahn on the internet will DEFINITELY help, Spencer.

10. Seems legit that Marco would stop by and just dump a lot of info on Spencer about the case.

11. Where did the Rosewood Police Force do their training, honestly. Remember when Lorenzo was knocked out by a tennis ball?

12. Lmao Archer is in France? Where the fuck are these cops getting their info?

13. Is Marco 20 or 40? I truly can’t tell.

14. Omg he just asked her out???!!

15. Spencer you weren’t KINDA getting out of a relationship when you met Marco, pretty sure you were technically still in one.

16. Spencer’s never been able to stay single for like an episode, let’s be real. Actually, none of these girls have. Except Emily, but that’s not by choice.


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