Google just deleted my personal account out of the blue

Recently Dennis Cooper had his blog and associated account deleted by Google without much recourse or reason provided:

Coincidently, I just received two emails from Google telling me my entire account is suspended and about to be deleted as well. I can appeal but without knowing the reason, it’s pretty hard to argue anything except, I didn’t do anything wrong!

I’ve uploaded a picture album of the suspension/appeal emails here:

I wonder if other HNers are also getting suspension/deletion out of the blue, if so definitely let us know. I use my account mainly for email, I have absolutely no porn in my email, and pretty much just email family and get tech related subscriptions, social related notifications. It’s all super tame, so I’m at a loss. I really hate to say it, but Dennis Cooper might have been right, I feel like the rug has been pulled from under me. “Only when they come for you, do you realize haste was a virtue.”

Is Google on a (possibly automated) account deletion spree?


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