BitCam and Exify: iPhone apps with a different approach to photography


I’ve always had a problem with retro camera filters. Taking pictures with increasingly better modern phones’ cameras and then rubbing digital dirt on them and leaving them virtually out in the simulated sun always seemed to me to be about the conflict between stark perfection and the quality of memory. We remember the past as slightly faded, orange-tinged photos, and Instagram and others provide a taste of that sense.



I see many fewer artificially aged or worn pictures these days, and the range of filters has expanded into a greater array of interesting photographic effects. The Iconfactory’s new BitCam, a nostalgic dithered camera app, would at first seem to be another filter and just a gimmick. It accurately reproduces the look and feel of a 1984-style Macintosh app down to using a similar dithering algorithm to what Bill Atkinson baked into the graphics-primitive QuickDraw system that drove the graphical user interface and drawing programs-and that’s now also baked into iOS (part of its Accelerate framework).


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